7 Beautiful Korean School Teachers You’ll Wish Taught At Your School

Thanhng, 24-03-2018
These teachers are not only beautiful, they’re also extremely intelligent and charming!

1. Lee Ji Young

Lee Ji Young graduated from Seoul National University and teaches civics, ethics, and social studies.


2. Lee Ha Young

Lee Ha Young graduated from Ehwa Woman’s University and teaches math.

One of her former students is now extremely famous — Infinite‘s L!

3. Kim So Yeon (Hailey)

Kim So Yeon, who also graduated from Ehwa Woman’s University, is an English teacher.

She’s also appeared on TV multiple times including on  2 Days & 1 Night as Kim Jong Min‘s date.


4. Choi Go Ara

Choi Go Ara graduated from Hanoi University and teaches Vietnamese.

She’s not only beautiful but has an awesome sense of style as well!


5. Kim Na Hyun

Kim Na Hyun graduated from Ehwa Woman’s University and teaches English.

She is well known for her beauty and is frequently seen on Korea’s educational channel EBS.



6. Ahn Mi Jung

Ahn Mi Jung graduated from Kookmin University and teaches English.


She also used to be a member of a 1990’s girl group called O-24.

Ahn Mi Jung (right)

7. Lee Da Ji

Lee Da Ji graduated from Ehwa Woman’s University and teaches history.


She also loves sports cars!


Source: Koreaboo


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