6 Iconic K-Pop memes that will make your stomach hurt from laughing!

Hoàng Anh Phương, 08-06-2018
The K-pop fandom is always creating new memes of idols to share with each other on social media.

Thanks to idols' constant interaction with fans through reality shows, fansign events, V LIVE, and more, fans are able to capture the perfect moments of idols that quickly become meme-worthy. These memes sometimes become so huge that even people who aren't fans of K-pop can be seen using them! Check out the list below of some iconic K-pop memes you can't miss out on.

1. MONSTA X's Hyungwon sipping Starbucks

The most iconic meme recently would have to be Hyungwon sipping his Starbucks. This has become so big that Hyungwon even referred to it in response to Starbucks and a fan's interaction!

2. BLACKPINK Lisa's imitation of Chloe

 Side-eyeing Chloe is a hard meme to beat, but Lisa's hilariously accurate impersonation of it definitely comes close!

3. BTS' Grubby Jungkook

Memes of Jungkook can be found all over social media, but this meme is so famous that Jungkook himself knows about it! It's been printed on shirts and postcards, and many fans have given these items to Jungkook as funny gifts!

4. EXO Sehun's Yehet

Sehun's 'yehet' is a sound that he makes when he is happy or excited, but fans have made it into such a huge meme that more than just EXO-Ls know about it!

5. Wanna One's shook Jisung

Fans' compilation picture of Jisung's faces from Produce 101 is the perfect reaction photo for any scenario.

6. SHINee Minho's dibidibidis

Name a more iconic meme. I'll wait. But seriously, Minho's bit from Saturday Night Live Korea will never get old.

Check out the video for some more K-pop memes that will always be funny.

Source: KStarLive


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