5 years with BTS: From a despised 'nugu' hiphop crew to the miraculous boys carrying legendary mission!

tphuong, 14-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - From "zero" to "hero", they are really the one and only miracle in the history of Asian music!

As a normal person, everybody wants their effort, sweat and tears to at least get a small achievement in life, because it will also be meaningful enough to satisfy this boring life when money controls everything. This wish is even more powerful, and more fierce in the showbiz world, as an artist, who does not want the audience to remember about them, who does not want to get achievements when the time they can work as an artist is not long?!

The question is always "After all those efforts, what is the best thing artists can achieve? ": Money? Fame? Medals, titles, ...?" None of them. What makes an artist happy even if they have to shed "blood, sweat and tears" is that their products have changed in a positive way, even if that positive change could affect 1% of someone's life, or probably their own life!

In 2016, suddenly a small group of anonymous company, including seven boys who are not even city residents but have a strong desire to conquer music and national audience, has got the Best Artist Grand Prize. They have won over big names from SM, YG, JYP to hold the prestigious trophy: "Hope that our stage, performance and music can bring the hopes and dreams for millions of people around the world".

In 2017, they showed us another miracle of Kpop, when the 7 boys placed their hands on the prestigious award on the big world-class stage that no other idol groups can do at the Billboard Music Awards: "We still can't believe that we're standing here, right on this stage at the Billboard Music Awards, in front of all the artists that we admire".

Starting point from an anonymous company carrying a huge debt?

Kpop has been gaining enormous popularity all over the world, which also means more opportunities for groups and artists from smaller companies. Many of the companies have changed their minds and have risen to the top, but SM, YG, and JYP are still considered to have a monopoly position, possessing top groups. Of course, Big Hit Entertainment is a name that no one remembered with a huge debt of 2.8 billion won until their small hope, BTS was released.

BTS officially debuted at M! Countdown on June 13, 2013. It can be said that 2013 is the birth of a new generation of Kpop. Here, the Rookie fights fiercely between the new and the old, facing the "war" among other hundreds of new music groups debuted. Rookie like BTS only hands in 1/100% opportunity among a bunch of formidable groups EXO, Big Bang, SNSD, EXID, 2NE1, SHINee ... 

Starting with a smooth debut, BTS gained the attention of audiences, the group's song was covered quite a lot on YouTube or Soundcloud. Not only that, their album climbed on music charts, profit was also exceeded as the original plan. The name BTS is beginning to be remembered more ... However, merit achievement can't help them reduce the economic burden.

At the group's first fanmeeting, only about 500 people attended. There was not much money, the company set up a temporary table and tent in the hot weather so that BTS could meet their very first fans. People look at that, they feel pity for the circumstances of BTS, some even despised, some shook head, even left the group to follow other groups with more economic strength.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off well. With their successful debut album, both in terms of sales and quality, BTS was honored with "Best New Artist of the Year" at a series of awards ceremonies, even winning the prestigious Bonsang for the outstanding achievements.

However, talent will be followed by scandal. As a natural rule of Kpop, fame is always accompanied with marketing. A group that is rising sooner or later will have to step into the darkest stage afterwards. In the past, there was black ocean for SNSD, fandom of many groups boycott EXO, now BTS has become the center of the antifans. From the rumors coming from the social network to the series of scandal about the attitude caused by netizens and the media, there's nothing that BTS hadn't gone through.

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Most notable one is the scandal related to 'sajaegi', aka faking the album sales revenue to win over Big Bang. The issue lasted several weeks making the management company have to explain "Big Hit Entertainment has no resources to do that." In fact, it is true that a small company is in huge debt as Big Hit was not in the place that's possible to do such things. If the media kept asking "Did BTS cheat?", perhaps the group can only be helpless and reply: "This is a group that  must set up their own tents to meet the fans, even when trying their best, they would only be able to buy 10 albums."

Strongly holding hands, together overcome all the storms

"Idol fans do not like me, hiphop fans do not like me, are you satisfied?", Rap Monster sent all the emotions over the years to the lyrics of "Too much". A rap song is enough to see the situation of Bangtan boys in the darkest period: Too many people hate them, they even criticized badly on their talent and singing ability. They bash RM, J-Hope, Suga, because they do not have good appearances enough to become idols, they predict a dark future of the group called "Bangtan Boys". But the bravery of 7 boys lies all in the word "patience", they believe in each other.

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"For the group, maybe I should be silent" from the young boy named Park Jimin who never knew exactly what he wanted, but always seriously tried to complete himself. "I should be a supporting role rather than the main one." Suga tweeted this early in the morning after a night of work at the studio.

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Within a year, they gave up on everything to concentrate on the new project. BTS's feelings and time are not wasted on the explanations but to spend devotedly to their productions. They use their own experiences to create melodies, lyrics, choreography that can make the audience sympathetic, to send a story they can't say out by words into their music products. And each member bets on the last time, as V says in the lyrics of "Run": "Let me run, run so far, even when my feet are bruised. At least I can smile when I see your face. "

Become the unique phenomenon of Asian music

In November 2015, BTS finally met the unexpected 'impossibles'. The group continuously set records that rarely Asian stars have reached before. In 2016, the group ruled the US iTunes thanks to the hit series "Run," "I Need U", "Blood Sweat & Tears" ... What the new group debuted 2 years ago, came from small company like BTS has achieved can't be called normal things.

The biggest turning point in the lives of 7 boys finally came out in 2017 - the golden time of BTS. This is where the group was named in the highest categories at many prestigious awards ceremonies in the country such as MAMA, MMA, Golden Disc Awards ... The rookie group in the past caught up with EXO, Big Bang, SNSD, they made Big Hit Entertainment from a small company into a huge 'opponent' of the "Big 3" including SM, JYP, YG.

Not stopping there, BTS made history when they first performed at the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards and also won the Top Social Artist awards at Billboard Music Awards in 2 years 2017 and 2018, becoming the first Kpop star dominated no.1 on the Billboard 200 and no.10 on the Billboard Hot 100 ... 

The miracle, the history keep coming continuously. From the hated group, BTS now has became a world-class artist, the new legend of Kpop.

After two years, RM finally can proudly say, "We have been through a lot of difficulties since our debuted, there were people who said we would never be able to do it. Thank you for trusting us till the last moment, this is really something we only dreamt about. Thank you for making our dreams come true, ARMY around the world, let's fly together with our beautiful wings". Starting from "zero", they have truly become" heroes ", a hero of the Asian music that many people admire. 

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On the stage at MAMA 2016, BTS's leader sent a warm message to the fans: "Today I got a lucky cookie, and it told me, 'The darkness will pass, The light will shine brightly." Thanks to ARMY, we finally found that precious light."

Change the lives of millions of people and perhaps BTS themselves by music

The music of BTS has a great influence and positive impact on the lives of fans all over the world.

Perhaps the most accomplished thing in an artist's life is that their work affects millions of audiences. What will make the public remember them when there are dozens, hundreds of artists that are released each year, or when music tastes change every day? It is their product that has a strong impact on the listeners, is worth remembering, so later, they will tell their children about how the great music changes the worldview, even saving our lives.

BTS said, "We want our music to help people get better, even if only 1% is okay." Hashtag #BTSisNotYourAverageBoyBand was strongly shared on Twitter. Sharing this hashtag is a way for fans to open up their hearts, and to show the power of the music that the boys has created, against the troubles of life. 

The music of the group is really a precious spiritual medicine for all who has, and is suffering difficulties in life. These songs will soothe the pain, transmit strength and power to those who are in despair. Anyone who has been in that situation will know how wonderful the music of the group is. And perhaps, that is why BTS's fandom grows stronger, fans love the group not only because of their looks and performance, but because of the special music they create - "true healing music".


5 years, not too long but not short for sure, 7 people, 7 names have gone from nothing to create the great miracles. They didn't have a good beginning but BTS has never faltered, they always give 200% passion for music, for fans or for the public, showing clearly through their lyrics. Their music brings light to life, and motivation for people. 

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Those who has the name A.R.M.Y, be proud of your idol because they are great people, they are BTS!


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