5 pairs of Korean dramas unbelievably have the same screenwriters

The Hien Luong, 15-03-2018
Even though they were written by the same screenwriters , for some reason no one thought these five pairs of Korean dramas were so different from each other.

Screenwriters are the ones who bring the most unexpected things to dramas. They surprised the audience not only because of the unpredictable circumstances, but also in the style of film-making or the quality of the drama seems "unrelated" between the works. So many people didn't believe that these 5 pairs of Korean dramas had the same makers.

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Woman of Dignity

Both dramas were big jTBC hits last year. This is no surprise when this network had many hits in 2017. Many people were shocked to know that Woman of Dignity was also written by Baek Mi Kyung like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. One drama was thriller and was praised for the sensational factor, smart plot. Another one was considered as a drama for teens, the love story was good but the supporting details were superfluous and irrational. Both dramas had one thing in common, they all knew how to attract the audience.

2. Misaeng - Bride of the Water God

In 2014, scriptwriter Jung Yoon Jung successfully transformed the comic Misaeng into the television phenomenon on tvN. Three years later, was written by Jung Yon Jung, a drama based on comic, aired on tvN, but Bride of the Water God was cricticized by audience due to its quality. From the very first episode, many viewers were shocked to learn that such a poor drama that was written by a well-known scriptwriter who was behind the success of Misaeng, Signal.

3. School 2015 - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

School 2015 has caused fever in the international market thanks to the complicated love of two sisters and two handsome, good boys. However, the drama was disgusted because of its plot and its ending made viewers extremely crazy. Fortunately, two scriptwriters among three scripwriters of School 2015, Kim Min Jung and Im Ye Jin later jointly worked in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, a hit drama of KBS in 2016.

4. High Kick 2 - She Was Pretty

Undeniably, both of these works have good storylines. However, High Kick 2 was a drama that has been criticized by many viewers because of the unacceptable ending. As in the case of School 2015, many viewers staunchly boycotting scriptwriter Jo Jung Hee without knowing that she later was the writer for High Kick 3 and especially She Was Pretty which was very famous.

5. The King Loves - Song Ji Na's popular dramas

Song Ji Na was ranked among the "legends" of Korean television network, especially in the 90s of last century. She is the maker of many popular dramas such as Eyes of Dawn, Sandglass, The Legend and Healer. However, with The King Loves, the scriptwriter caused much disappointment to the fans when making it too far from its original story. Those who haven't known who the scripwriter of The King Loves is, they would have been surprised to know that it is the work of Song Ji Na.

Source: Tri Thuc Tre


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