5 most shocking scandals in K-pop

PV, 19-01-2018
If you are a Korean showbiz fan, you must know these scandals due to their large scale and how badly they affected the celebrities' lives.

 1. Park Bom - Drug Scandal

Park Bom's career sadly took a huge hit after her drug scandal back in 2014. The singer was accused of smuggling the drug amphetamines from the United States into South Korea by mail. Not too clever. It was revealed that due to a traumatic experience involving the death of a teammate from her soccer team, Park Bom had experienced an internal, dark slump and suffered from trauma and deep depression. Her doctor in the U.S.A prescribed these drugs to aid her with her issues. YG Entertainment even released a full official statement regarding the difficult matter. However, that didn't stop Korean fans from hating on her - even when she graced the stage with her fellow members during the MAMA Awards.

2. Tao - Departure from EXO

Tao became a target of hate after his departure from famous Korean boy group EXO in 2014. The Chinese member decided to leave the group due to a struggling battle with SM Entertainment regarding his health, injuries sustained as a trainee and even money he was allegedly overdue. It became an even bigger hot mess when his wealthy father became involved in the controversy and posted letters about SM Entertainment and his son's situation on social media and other Chinese web portals. Tao and his family filed a lawsuit against the entertainment company. During his time as an employee of SM, Tao's contract hadn't yet been properly terminated or expired and Tao was found to have been working for another company in China with his own solo activities. This was a breach of contract and, as many expected, Tao lost the case with SM Entertainment and was deemed a traitor to Korea and the entertainment industry.

3. Kim Hyun Joong - Pregnancy

Kim Hyun Joong became the most hated man in all of Korea during 2014 and 2015. He was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in August of 2014 and was soon sent to trial and fined for the incident, despite the charges being dropped. However, that isn't what left him in boiling water. The big issue was when his girlfriend came forward saying she was pregnant and his slew of text messages revealing him suggesting abortions and calling her a "pig." After witnessing this darker side of the actor, fans lost respect for him completely. It became worse since it was ongoing and was confirmed to be her fourth abortion.

4. U-KISS Eli - Secret Marriage

U-KISS' Eli shocked us all when his hiatus appeared to be a getaway with his secret wife back in 2015! He eventually shared the shocking news via Instagram, where he revealed that he was getting married and his wife was expecting a baby soon. Social media seemed to be a big and safe outlet for the singer to come forward with as he posted on his personal Twitter account, "You must all have been shocked. There have been many difficult times, but I've never once regretted my decision to join U-KISS," said Eli. "Because of my idol status, my family had a tough time." Eli said that he had to be stealthy, "even when my wife fell pregnant, I couldn't even go to the hospital and I felt like an idiot." Eli said there were also times that he wanted to come clean, but was worried about his band members "that I spent 10 years with...like a family." He even asked fans if they would support him to continue as a member of U-KISS, and fortunately, they did.

5. BIG BANG T.O.P - Marijuana Scandal

BIG BANG's T.O.P was the biggest headline-making idol of the year - but not in a good way. It was confirmed in late October of 2016 that the artists had smoked marijuana with a trainee before his military enlistment. Once the truth was revealed earlier in June, he was stripped of his title in the military and also trialed. Unfortunately, due to the massive issues regarding himself, his career and his enrollment in the military, T.O.P overdosed on anxiety medication and was immediately escorted to the Ehwa University Hospital where he remained unconscious for 2 days. He is now awake but his status is still unknown - especially in regards to his career.



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