5 male celebrities became plumper after enlisting in the military

The Hien Luong, 15-03-2018
Skinny idols like G-Dragon and Kim Jae Joong also changed 'drastically' after joining military

You always think that enlisting in the military is intense, stressful and miserable, don't you? Well, these celebrities below will prove you the opposite.

1. G-Dragon

Officially enlisted in the military not long ago, G-Dragon made the fans shocked by the photo of his round face and fat belly. The rare image of Big Bang's leader in the military was posted by Newsen, which showed that GD had gained a lot of weight, even though he had only been in the army for two weeks.

G-Dragon in the past: so skinny!

Previously, G-Dragon was one of the slimmest idols. Now fans can relax because life in the army isn't as hard as everyone thinks, netizens also commented "food in the army must be definitely delicious" to fattened G-Dragon.

G-Dragon's today: fat, round face

2. Ji Chang Wook

In mid-2017, Ji Chang Wook enlisted in Unit 3, Gangwon Province. This unit is known to have intense trainings, making fans worried. However, just after 2 months of "eating and sleeping" in the army, the actor became fatter.

Previously, Ji Chang Wook was pretty skinny!

Leaked images of the actor in the military showed that his face had become round only after a short time. The fans joked that seeing him become fatter and happy, everyone was relaxed to wait for him.

He was fattened right after enlisting the military

3. Song Joong Ki

Enlisted from 2013, to May 2015, Song Hye Kyo's husband officially returned from military service. Seeing the photos on the day of "Captain" coming back, netizens must be surprised because of the ability of the kitchen staffs in the military.

"Captain" in the drama was much thinner at the time of his demobilization!

Compared with previous photos, Song Joong Ki was rated as "small, lightweight" among the Korean actors. The slim appearance of the male lead in Descendants of the Sun made the fans realize he was gaining quite a lot  of weights after serving in the military.

He returned from military with this round face!

4. Kim Jae Joong

Those who are JYJ's fans all know that Kim Jaejoong was very skinny before. Not only having a slim body, Jae Joong is also known as a very handsome man.

Jaejoong's old photos showed that he was really skinny.

After his demobilization, the fans were cheered by Jae Jaejoong's appearance, which wasn't bad, but was even more attractive because of the bolder body shape and muscular body.

A manly version of Kim Jae Joong when he returned from military

5. Yoo Seung Ho

In 2013, Yoo Seung Ho secretly enlisted which made netizens surprised. Because Yoo Seung Ho was so young and was becoming popular after co-starring the drama "I miss you" with Yoon Eun Hye, no one expected his early enlistment.

Yoo Seung Ho's masculine face disappeared

On the day he returned from military, the actor appeared with tears streaming down his face. Only fans who realized that Seung Ho had gained a lot of weight, with a more rounded face.

There was only a round face!

No wonder, most netizens have agreed that the food in the military must be very delicious to make series of celebrities gain a lot of weight. Looking healthy, chubby idols makes the fans calm down and keep waiting for the day their idols return.

Source: Thethaovanhoa.vn


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