3 goddesses conquer all concept of SM, pay attention to Taeyeon's transformation through different styles

The Hien Luong, 15-03-2018
These girls can perfectly deal with every concept

Each member of the idol group often follows a particular concept such as charming, lovely and cool. However, not all of them can "handle" all styles. However, these multi-talented girls below proved the opposite.

Taeyeon (SNSD)

1. "Goddess'' style

2. The 80s retro style in the USA

3. Hip-hop style 

4. Sexy style

5. Mysterious style


 1. Red hairstyle

2. "Glamorous" style

3. Noble style

4. Sexy style

 Wendy (Red Velvet)

1. Elegant style

2. Sporty style

3. Blonde hairstyle

Do these female idols deserve the title "goddess" of every concept?

Source: TintucKPOP


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