16 classic hairstyles of male idols that fans can never forget about

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 10-04-2018
Kpop fans will always be impressed with the hairstyles of their favorite male idols. Let's check out your favorite hairstyle on this list!

We all know that KPOP artists often use their hair to create uniqueness for themselves. These hairstyle are not typical but very eye-catching, trendy and stylish.

The bright curtain part hairstyle is very suitable with Key's fair skin and baby face.

The comma hairstyle is set the trend by Korean stars in 2017.

The parted side curls hairstyle makes Vernon look more fashionable.

The 6/4 hairstyle is quite classic but it is more upgraded with the red color by Jimin (BTS).

The Ombre/ Rainbow hairstyle is suitable for the fair skin of Sehun (EXO).

The bushy hair should only "exist" when it is cold.

The ramen curls hairstyle makes idols more youthful and mischievous.

The pompadour hairstyles easily create maturity, but you need to spend a lot of effort to maintain the proportion of hair.

The Fohawk hairstyle is suitable for both work and party, it is stylish but not too prominent.

 The Shaved Designs hairstyle is a "fertile soil" for you to express your character and style.

Meanwhile, the undercut hairstyle brings a manly and strong appearance.

You can use this Man-bun / Ponytail hairstyle if your body is toned and manly.

And if your image is a bit softer, the long and strong hairstyle can bring for you a students and knight-errant image.

The undercut variation is the Side Sweep hairstyle that fits all face types.

 Of course, it is not possible to skip the classic bang hairstyle which is safe and suitable in all environments as well as in all circumstances.

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