15 images of a perfect boyfriend in JB (GOT7)

LinhLuong, 15-03-2018
How do you like your boyfriend in the pictures below?

As you know, GOT7's leader - JB is talented and handsome and smart, but this guy will certainly also be a perfect boyfriend for fangirls.

15. Cherry blossoms and black T-shirt

Can you Imagine that you hold his hand and walking under the flower road?

14. Coats and glasses

Despite wearing glasses, he still looks really cool and attractive.

13. Big glasses + coffee shop

This is the image of your lover who lead you to coffee shop!

12. Gray oversize t-shirt

Wearing a gray T-shirt revealed JB's trustworthy shoulder made everyone melted

11. All black outfit

This is a fashionable and prominent guy who is the ideal boyfriend of many girls

10. Red hoodie + bucket hat

Although he often wears black clothes, sometimes this bright colour also makes him look so lovely.

9. Glasses and oversize shirts

Mommy !!! I want to marry this guy!!!

8. Jacket and Puppy

Who is sweeter than a boy cuddling a puppy?

7. Black and white T-shirt with black hat

White T-shirts always make JB's broad shoulders more attractive

6. Gray sweater and white hat

Despite standing in the dark, he still shines like this!

5. Bucket hats, black shirts and coffee

Bringing coffee for you, how can you refuse a guy like this?

4. Leather shoes, leather jackets

If you travel together, he will be waiting for you with a strong style like this!

3. Blazer and black pants

When he goes to meet your parents, he will dress formally like this!

2. Looks like a busy man

He goes to work with a business suit

1. Glittering eyes

If your parents see him looking affectionately at you like this, they will agree immediately.

JB is indeed the perfect boyfriend of any girls.



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