​13 Incredibly athletic celebrities you might not know about

Hoàng Anh Phương, 23-02-2018
In celebration of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, we present to you 13 celebrities who are super-sporty or started out as incredible athletes!

1. Kim Jong Kook

His friends say he lives at the gym when he's not filming. In addition to working out, this Running Man star stays away from ramen, drinking, smoking, late night snacks, and anything too salty. Last we heard, Sparta Kook was busy with his on-screen romance with Song Ji Hyo. Do you think the flirting was real or scripted?

2. Gary

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Gary of Running Man fame enjoys boxing, taekwondo, and aikido. Leessang’s other half, Gil, has said, “Gary is left-handed because he boxed for 10 years. I use both hands and I still lose.” Gary has been athletic since his early twenties, when he majored in security management to become a security guard. Last month, secrets surrounding Gary's wife were finally unveiled.

3. Lee Si Young

Another boxer celebrity, Lee Si Young, has competed for the National Amateur Boxing Championships. After the Lookout finale last year, she shared plans to marry and that she and her fiance are expecting.

4. Song Joong Ki

“I was a short track speed skater from first to eighth grade. I played [in] two national games,” Song Joong Ki told SBS News in 2009 right after filming Triple, a show in which he coincidentally stars as a national speed skater.

SJK skating

5. Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki’s wife Song Hye Kyo also skated in school. Song Hye Kyo’s middle school teacher shared on TV once, “(Hye Kyo) wasn’t an official school athlete, but her mother recognized her talent and suggested that she play.”

The last we heard from the Song Song Couple, they attended IU’s concert on their first public date.

6. Han Chae Young

“I couldn’t land a triple axel like Yuna Kim, but could pull off a double axel. I would’ve continued if I were as good as Yuna Kim,” said the Delightful Girl Choon Hyang actress.

7. Jang Hyuk

A group of actors started an ice hockey team in 2013, which included the Chuno actor, Choi Soo Jung, Lee Hoon, and more, Hankyoreh reported.

8. So Ji Sub

We knew you would be disappointed without a So Ji Sub cameo on the list! He swam professionally for over 10 years and won a bronze medal at the national games. But, the Oh My Venus actor isn't the only star swimmer. Noble, My Love star Sung Hoon and UEE of Fool's Love also swam professionally.

9. Julien Kang

Insiders say Kang can fight as well as any professional. A younger brother of M.M.A. fighter Denis Kang, Julien also enjoys kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and Muay Thai.

10. Ma Dong Suk

We can safely presume Ma has the biggest guns out of all Korean celebrities. After majoring in physical education at Columbus State University in Georgia, the Squad 38 actor worked as a personal trainer. M.M.A. fighters Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman were a couple of his clients.

11. Kim Soo Hyun

When Kim Soo Hyun adopts a hobby, he takes it seriously. The My Love From Another Star actor scored an average of 192.3 (out of 300) at the men's professional bowling tryout in 2016, which placed him 68th out of 94 participants.

12. Shin Min Ah

“I was a track and field athlete in elementary school. I think I’d run 100 yards in 15 seconds,” the actress said at the Arang and the Magistrate press conference in 2012.

13. Lee Hyori

The Dancing Queen actress and singer says tea, her husband Lee Sang Soon, and yoga complete her life. She is undoubtedly the most popular Korean celebrity who practices yoga, as seen in Hyori’s Homestay, Season 2.

Source: Drama Fever


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