13 Gifs that perfectly explain how we’re feeling about BTS’s upcoming comeback

Hoang Anh Phuong, 17-05-2018
BTS is finally coming back with a brand new album, and we are HYPED AF.

Pretty much us right now.

Their new album, “Love Yourself: Tear,” comes out on May 18th, and that day honestly can’t get here fast enough! In the meantime, while you wait, enjoy this compilation of BTS gifs that pretty much sums up everyone’s reactions for their comeback.

Just thinking about that word: “comeback”:

Honestly, there is not a more perfect gif that sums up the fandom right now.

That moment when you get the Youtube notification that Big Hit dropped the teaser:

Don’t lie – we know your heart dropped when you got that notification.

When you heard the first note of “Singularity”

V’s voice is just like honey but for our ears.

When you first saw the concept photos for “Love Yourself: Tear”

Big Hit, you need to get these boys a modeling contract ASAP.

Being hit with the influx of comeback activities, like the BBMAs and new Bangtan Bombs

Except it’s not quite as gentle as that balloon bop on Jungkook’s nose.

Thinking about what their hair colors will be this comeback

Will it finally be all black this time? Brown? Green? Blue? The possibilities are endless!

That feeling knowing that BTS is coming to your area, and you can hear their new songs all live…

and then realizing just how fast the tickets sold out.

Raise your hand if you’ve personally been victimized by the ticket prices.

Or worse: They’re not coming to your country at all.

Same Jin. OTL

Thinking about all the new theories that’ll form with this comeback:

Will they finally give us answers this time around??

And finally, waiting for the MV to drop like:

Re-watch the teaser for their upcoming MV for “Fake Love”:

Source: Soompi

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