12 Funny English moments from SEVENTEEN that only CARATs will understand!

Hoàng Anh Phương, 13-06-2018
Seventeen is loved by many international fans for how much they try to use it, even if they don't always get it right.

Even with two fluent English speakers in the group, all of the members use English as a way to both joke around with each other and keep international fans included on the fun. Check out our list below for 12 of their hilarious English moments that only their dedicated Carats will understand!

1. Mingyu's wholesome 'I LOVE GUYS'

2. Vernon's 'I won this! Mom, I won this!'

Image result for Vernon's 'I won this! Mom, I won this!'

3. Everyone in Hong Kong: 'egg tart?!' (bonus: Joshua Hong Kong)

4. Mingyu naming the camera and then telling it what to do

5. When Mingyu was sick of English and said, 'hey, you two little boys, don't speak English anymore'

6. Mingyu and Seungkwan conversing with each other, but only coming up with food words to say 

7. Hamburgers = Life

8. Mingyu's 'I English very well more than you' comeback to DK 

9. Seungkwan's clever 'Are you kimbap kidding me?'

10. When Seungkwan was shocked and confused

11. When they were counting, and after Joshua said 'nineteen,' DK said 'twoteen'

12. When Seungkwan was having problems reading in English, so Joshua decided to step in


Source: KStarLive

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