11 Son Ye Jin's BEST style in "Pretty Noona who Buy Me Food"

NA, 10-04-2018
Said an expert: "If you're at the age of 30s and you got a wardrobe full of high-end and fancy stuffs, you are totally able to face any struggle".

"Melodrama Queen" Son Ye Jin recently made an impressive comeback by playing as Yoon Jin Ah in the drama titled "Pretty Noona who Buy Me Food".  Through 4 episodes, Yoon Jin Ah has made people jealous of her large high-end wardrobe.

The cheapest item from her expensive collection is probably this Vincis 18SS Mare Hobo Bag approx $429

Most people are being fooled by this basic design. Actually this is a high-end item from CÉLINE approx $2,200

This Valentino Garavani Joylock Satchel Bag approx $2,295

Ton-sur-ton with her trench coat is an item from Loewe approx $2,855. This is also the most expensive item from "pretty noona" Yoon Jin Ah's high-end wardrobe

This simple Cable Knit Gayle Sweater is from brand ISABEL MARANT appox $785

Yoon Jin Ah looks so elegant and feminine in this VANESSA BRUNO ATHE Flower Silk Long Dress approx $590

Goes along with VANESSA long dress is JIMMY CHOO Romy approx $625

This simple dot sleeve is from VINCE and its price approx $525

LUCKY CHOUETTE Tweed Pleated Double Coat approx $750. Trench coat is a good choice to bring a mature and well-dressed look while knife pleat bring an active and young image. This combination made Yoon Jin Ah look so fresh 

It seems like "pretty noona" Jin Ah is so in love with any kind of trench coat. This Check Pattern Double Long Coat is from VOICE OF VOICES and its price approx $516

GENTLE MONSTER did not fails to make "pretty noona" feel special and fashionable. This SEE SAW 01 model approx $249


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